Youth Services

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With IKRON, I Can Learn!


IKRON's Youth services and programs are planned to help teenagers and young adults develop and manage a successful future. These unique programs are backed by caring, professional staff who provide you the quality services each individual deserves.

The integrated programs help bridge the gap for youth, ages 16-22, transitioning to adult services. The curriculum is designed to assist youth with mental health issues to establish a meaningful role within society.

Youth can reach new heights through our services:


Career Planning and Counseling 


Assist youth in identifying interest and skills. Explores vocational options along with local job market opportunities


Employment Readiness Training


Assists with the development of skills and habits that may lead to competitive employment


Job Development & Placement


Places youth in part-time and full-time competitive jobs and on-the-job training opportunities


Social skills Training and Education


Offers preparation for improving academic areas for continuing educational growth


Prevention, Education and Treatment


Provides counseling services for adolescents and families, including anger management, depression and any other diagnosed mental or emotional disorders

Violence and Substance Abuse prevention and education training through evidenced based curriculum and life skills training