Vocational Evaluations

Situational Assessments & Vocational Evaluations


IKRON provides focused, short term Situational Assessments and comprehensive, individualized Vocational Evaluations to persons seeking employment. The IKRON staff uses various evaluation methods, such as vocational batteries, hands on assessments, simulated work samples, labor market analysis, and interviews to determine the optimal employment goal for a person seeking services. Assessments such as Valpar, SDS, WASI, and WRAT may be administered, along with comprehensive vocational testing and analysis of the labor market. Qualified and experienced vocational specialists coordinate the various assessments and create a comprehensive report that includes outcome achievements.


Career Exploration


This is an evaluative vocational tool that includes services such as job shadowing, informational interviews, and reviews of local labor market information to help a person explore the potential for identified employment goals.  The goal of the service is to assist the individual seeking services to narrow several possible employment options to one that will be pursued during job search.