Peer Services

At IKRON, we take pride into supporting peer support services and consumer run businesses. Historically, IKRON has taken the lead in supporting consumer operated programs and businesses in Hamilton County, by developing and supporting the first consumer operated businesses and programs with persons with mental health difficulties.


The Finding Place


The Thrift Shop operated and managed by consumers since 1968, was the second oldest thrift shop in Hamilton County managed by consumers and continues to serve consumers and the public.


The Self Government Group


The Self Government Group began meeting in 1969 with its purpose to provide leadership opportunities to persons with mental health problems and to have input into the type of programs the members of the Self Government Group felt they needed. The Group continues to meet weekly, on Mondays, and acts as a liaison between IKRON's participants and IKRON's administrative leadership. Over the years, the group's role extended to organizing fundraisers and social activities in addition to the roles developed originally. A representative of IKRON' Self Government Group is invited to IKRON's quarterly Quality Improvement's meeting to provide input and feedback.


Mighty Vine Wellness Club


The Mighty Vine Wellness Club, formerly the IKRON Wellness Club, is the second oldest consumer-operated business still in existence in the State of Ohio. 



IKRON Plantscapes


IKRON Plantscapes is a consumer-operated service since 1992. Live plants and flowers are sold to the public; its plant maintenance service maintains plants in various offices in Cincinnati; silk floral arrangements are made by consumers and sold by the same; corsages and floral banquet centerpieces are made by consumers. A floral and plant delivery service is available at the IKRON Plantscapes program.




THE WARMLINE is a  24 hour consumer operated phone service that provides support and assistance to consumers on an non emergency basis.