IKRON Seattle




At IKRON (Integration of Knowledge and Resources for Occupational Needs) our services begin with knowing you - how you feel about your independence and your future. Our professional staff will work with you to choose services that meet your needs and to select the benefits of what IKRON has to offer you. You will have access to one of the industry's leading and nationally accredited vocational facilities.


We are an energetic team committed to providing high quality services to the Greater Seattle area. Our services and programs have their roots in one of the earliest rehabilitation programs in  the Midwest that believes in employment as a major factor in one's rehabilitation and maintenance of a healthy, balanced lifestyle. The main approach to services -as set up by the founders-is Milieu Therapy, and continues to this day to be the foundation of our services. Therefore, our focus on employment and positive support through the integration of mental health, substance abuse, and community support services, offers the ideal combination to assure the success of the individuals served. 






We believe that the key to a successful job is a combination of unlimited positive support, quality training, and professionalism. This belief transpires through everything we do and it is our promise to the individuals seeking our services. 


A continuum of vocational services are available for those seeking employment:





The quality and professionalism of our staff transpire through our mental health services as well. Rather than trying to fit a person into one theoretical approach or another, we believe in working together with the individuals to identify the path, mechanism and technique that works for them. The following services are available for individuals needing support.





In supporting youth and families in our community, we are enthusiastic about the possibility to provide Substance Abuse Prevention and Education classes, Positive Discipline Parenting classes and Career Counseling. If you would like to learn more about how your child and your family can benefit from these services, please contact Monica Negrila at (425)-242-1713 or via e-mail at mnegrila@ikron.org