IKRON for Businesses

As a business manager or owner, you can greatly benefit from the many ways IKRON can assist you and collaborate with you!


1. We are here to offer you support regarding work force qualifications, training, financial opportunities such as work opportunity tax credits and bonding.


  • We provide qualified workers
  • We follow employees progress
  • We provide retention services
  • We educate on government incentive programs
  • We provide ongoing employee/employer support


2. We provide assistance, coaching, training, and support to employees hired through IKRON.


  • Individuals utilizing IKRON services are trained in best employment practices.
  • IKRON staff assists with training of new hires to assist them in fulfilling position duties.
  • We provide follow along services to all employed candidates for a period of at least 90 days


3. We would like to promote you and your business  by  marketing your company's name and by offering you additional resources.


  • You can be a guest speaker in our employer panels and seminars
  • We can market your business in our quarterly newsletters, website and at our public events (fundraisers, annual open house, dinners, etc)
  • Resources for Employers

4.  Collaboration with current employers makes a difference in people's lives and strengthens our community by creating jobs, reducing unemployment and increasing social  interaction:


    * Kaiser Foods

    * Sweets in Bloom

    * Cincinnati Metro

    * Cincinnati Public Library

    * YMCA

    * Twin Towers

    * Frisch's

    * Mecklenburg Garden

    * Board of Education

    * Loving Day Care Center

    * Mt. St. Joseph College

    * 5th 3rd Bank

    * Scottland Child Development Center

    * Teasdale Fenton

    * Marriott Rivercenter

    * Joe’s Crabshack

    * Venice on Vine

    * Hammacher Schlemmer

    * Amazon

    * DHL

    * US Bank.